Are you unable to walk your dog due to your current circumstances changing or just out for the day, commitments at work, convalescing after an operation or illness? Whatever the reason let “Walk This Way” ease your stress and do it for you! 

Initially “Walk This Way” will arrange to meet you and your beloved dog at your home for an “Initial Consultation Meeting & Registration” this is FREE of charge. Every dog is assessed for behavioural qualities such as likes and dislikes, allergies he or she may have, temperament and breed traits before any bookings are undertaken. It is essential that we are able to offer a professional service and you have 100% faith in us, then the fun begins: 

Whatever the weather, “Walk This Way” are committed to exercising your pet. We will collect your beloved dog and take him/her for a fun walk on a designated route (this ensures you know the terrain and area they are in). Dogs can benefit greatly from a long, energetic fun walk and are then less likely to develop behavioural problems, as this ensures they are released from boredom and isolation. All dogs benefit from exercise mentally and physically after all dogs are pack animals and sociable creatures just like us. Your dog will receive individual attention as well as the companionship of other dogs who like nothing more than exercising in parks, open fields or woodland and once the walk is completed  “Walk This Way” will ensure that your pet is returned to your home towel dried and ready to be welcomed back into the home. Each walk lasts for around one hour; you have the option of morning, lunch time or afternoon.

If you wish your dog to be walked on an individual basis this is not a problem and older dogs and puppies can be given exercise at a pace more suitable to their ability.

Safety starts the second we collect your dog, as well as your dogs normal collar and tag we add a “Walk This Way” tag to the collar – just in case, we NEVER take more than 6 dogs out at any one time and all dogs need to be fully vaccinated and chipped. Please note that we can only walk well behaved, non-aggressive dogs.


“Walk This Way” offer’s a friendly, reliable pet sitting service, which allows your pets to stay in their own home and surroundings whilst you are away, whether it is for your annual holiday, a long weekend away or if you are being hospitalised I am able to care for your pets and property. Your beloved pets will thrive in their own environment and are generally much happier with their own creature comforts around them. On a visit your pet will be feed its normal food, fresh water given, litter trays cleaned then lots of fuss and cuddles before we leave. A standard visit lasts about 25 – 30 mins.

You need not worry while your away as you will also benefit from your home having added security as I can at NO EXTRA CHARGE make the house look lived in by opening and closing curtains, with your permission install timers on random side lights to go on and off during the evening, water your plants, take the rubbish out on the correct collection days and remove your post and newspapers from the door step.


Have you got a beloved pet with DIABETES? Well I know from experience how hard this is for you and for your pet, making sure he eats enough to be able to inject, keeping to a time schedule and this makes it really had especially when you may want to go away even if it’s just over night. Well your answer is here I have administered Insulin injections to a type 1 diabetic cat for over 2 years and he lived with me until he was 19 years old.  


If “Walk This Way” holds keys to your property, rest assured these are kept in a secure place WITHOUT an address tag. In the event you are locked out WTW offer a key holder service, just call and I will come and let you in as soon as possible. (£20 call out charge.)

Pet Taxi


Transporting pets (big or small) to the vets, groomers or even moving home can be a major and stressful experience for the animal and the owners!

“Walk This Way” offers a door to door service transporting your beloved pets in comfort. My van has been professionally converted to provide safe and hygienic transportation for your pet. It is equipped with secure, comfortable cages which all have fresh water available and soft bedding for the longer journeys, a box of treats is always at hand, a first aid kit and it is well ventilated. My Van and my self are also fully insured but I am unable to take human passengers.